What we do

Mulabeats brings together South Africa’s finest artist, producers, engineers and talent from across the entertainment industry. Combining decades of experience and great minds in the music and film space. Mulabeats makes it easy for musicians from South Africa and around the world to find quality studios, quality beats, and quality sounds for their composition. Overseas artists and producers who are hungry for South African taste of sound, and local artists looking for quality production at affordable prices will be the greatest beneficiaries of Mulabeats services.

Mulabeats allows artists and story tellers to create music and shoot videos, films and documentaries using the state of the art equipment. We offer services for personal and commercial use.

Our company story

The inspiration behind mulabeats.com

Kokwani was fearless and spoke back to whatever they said to her even though she didn’t understand a word they said. A woman who experienced first-hand abuse from apartheid error. She did not only raise these 5 children but she also raise many other grandchildren and a community as a whole.  She’s the firstborn daughter of Chief Mudabula the first. She was a princess, and she loved music so much.

When her father insisted that she go to school, she would go to Muchongolo to dance and sing. She loved music with passion. Unfortunately, during her time, opportunities were rare. She had no support and no one to help her pursue her dreams. Mulabeats exist to fulfil her dreams. To show her gratitude, appreciation and to live her legacy that will last a lifetime.

Kokwani was also a prayer warrior. She would wake up at 5 AM every morning go to the mountain to pray for the safety and well-being of her family and her community.

Kokwani Portrait Painting

She was not only our grandmother but a mother and grandmother of the community as a whole. Kokwani was and still is a hero. We are doing this to honour her and to remember her. To continue what she has always loved doing. It has been a long road for many of us, and some wounds will never heal. However, music can give us comfort and peace of mind. Our Kokwani taught us that, and we are passing that to the young generation, so they pass it on to the next generation. At Mulabeats, we will always honour and appreciate our grandmother, our Kokwani.

The story of Mulabeats begins with our Kokwani (late Grandmother) ‘Nwamalayi Tsatsawani Alina Upheteni Vukea-Mashamba’. The mother of 4 kids.  3 girls and 1 boy.  The pillar, our strength, and our Guardian Angel.  The only fearless, strong, powerful woman we have ever known. The woman stood still during apartheid when her son was imprisoned and sentenced to 10 years. She was harassed by the Broes, while she was raising her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.